The Christian Wizard

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The Christian Wizard

Hello and welcome. This site is in the works, just as is the book it is meant to promote.

If you Google terms containing "Wizard," you'll find a lot of game-related sites, as well as many others that are non-real-wizard-related. Real wizardry is hard to come by. A real wizard is very rare. And a Christian wizard is far more rare indeed.

This book is aimed toward those who are Christians who believe the Bible is the authoritative word of God, and who have a natural, God-given interest in and desire for the supernatural -- not just that which is prevalent in Pentecostal-type churches, but that which extends into realms at which the average Christian would either scoff or cast condemnation.

In The Christian Wizard, great care is made to stay true and in perfect line with the Scriptures (the Holy Bible), while fearlessly exploring the realms which mystics, wizards, and others of many different traditions have explored -- that realm which is between the physical and the spiritual (although many believe it is spirit) -- to bring you a pure, non-occult, and trustworthy presentation of another dimension of reality God has created -- one in which He has gifted a select few to operate and dwell.

The Christian Wizard will challenge you to find your God-given gifts, and to use them in amazing ways that will transform both your life and the life of others you were placed on this earth to reach.