The Christian Wizard

The book and the life...


If you desire to help others by influencing both the seen and the unseen, then this book is for you. In it, you will learn how to develop the mental discipline and cultivate the life habits necessary to interact with both visible and invisible forces, wielding them like tools in the hands of a master craftsman.

I realize the title of this book will raise some eyebrows, and some will denounce this entire book because of the title alone, without even reading a single page. And we do this all the time with things we think we already understand.

In chapter one, I will outline our current meanings connected with the word “wizard,” as well as from a historical context, and hopefully we can then proceed with a more accurate understanding of both the meaning of the word and how that meaning, or the personification of such, is in no way an antonym to the word “Christian.”

As we go along, you will probably be challenged to either set aside your beliefs and ideas you've accumulated throughout your life, or become offended and close this book never to open it again. Unfortunately, many Christians are more likely to do the latter than to ask themselves why they believe what they believe, and where the belief came from. When you are bold and honest enough to search out the answers to these questions, you will be surprised at how many of your beliefs have no foundation whatsoever.

You may notice, if you are not reading with a fault-finding spirit, that most of the principles outlined in this book can and should be practiced by every Christian, whether or not they consider themselves to be a wizard. Instead of a guide to witchcraft and sorcery, this book is a guide to a life of wisdom; and, as we will see in the first chapter, a “wizard” is “a person of wisdom.”

I hope and pray that you find something of use to you in the coming pages, and that, above all else, you continue to walk with God.